Write Good Fictional Narrative Essay – Steps to write an essay!!

If you want to be good at writing a good fictional narrative essay, the most important advice one can receive is: Read and write a lot. There are no shortcuts about it. Becoming a good writer is a long process. If you are ever asked to write a fictional narrative essay for a school paper, you’ll be at a big advantage if you’ve read a lot of books. But if you haven’t, you can at least brush up on writing fundamentals.

As to writing fundamentals, the book “Elements of Style” by William Strunk is highly recommended. Don’t worry, it’s not a thick tome, and you can easily learn the most important rules in writing in so short a time. However, the lessons learned will amount to nothing if you allow all the knowledge you’ve acquired to entropy. Once you’re done learning the fundamentals, you have to apply them as much as possible so that there will be better recall.

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Of course, you need to be good in grammar when writing a good fictional narrative essay. Bad grammar can easily turn a reader off. Every mistake is a telltale sign that the writer doesn’t have enough credibility to write a fictional narrative essay in the first place.

Expanding one’s vocabulary will also speak wonders in the quality of the fictional narrative essay you are writing. Doing this is no shortcut either, considering the fact that the English language has thousands and thousands of words in the English language. Of course, you can’t learn them all, but you can at least learn the most common and some that can be considered a bit more “high-brow.”

It is, however, not recommended to use big words in writing a fictional narrative essay. Remember, writing about your experiences is not meant to impress readers. It is meant to share an idea or set of ideas. Using big words on purpose is only going to alienate readers. That won’t bode well for what you’re trying to achieve in writing a fictional narrative essay in the first place. If you’re writing in earnest, the first words that come to mind are usually what will sound (or read) better to readers. Big words that are shoe-horned into the narrative just to sound smart will feel awkward and can only stunt the flow of the narrative’s thread.

So how can you expand your vocabulary? This brings us back to the one golden rule: Read a lot and write a lot. The truth is, you don’t have to consciously expand your vocabulary. You learn new words when you’re reading for pleasure.


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