Why Should a Beer Contain a Little Amount Of Foam? 

When you hold a glass of beer, you will notice a small amount of leathery white material present at the top of the glass. This is known as the foam of the beer. If we talk bout this foam, then the theories of different people are different on this foam. In beer, people are divided into two parts, the one who likes the beer foam and the other are the ones who hates them.

But do you all know that there is a reason why there is foam on the top of the beer? It has its importance that is mentioned below:-

  • une petite mousse becomes the reason for the aromas of the beer. When you pour the beer into two glasses, one having the foam and one don’t have foam, and take the aroma of both the glasses, then you will feel the difference. It adds up to the aroma of the beer.
  • When a person consumes the foam with the beer, it gives a delightful and soothing feel in the consumer’s mouth. It is stout and gives such a thick silky head to the beer, which is very important for beer consumption.

  • The foam means there is still a perfect amount of carbonation left in the beer. It is expected then that when the packing of the beer is done, or draught beer is made, it is filled with plenty of carbonated fizzes to enhance its taste. If there is no foam when the beer is poured, then it is common that the carbon fizz in the beer has ended.

That is why it is seen that most of the beer experts around the world always lift the glass of beer that has at least a little amount of foam on it.


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