Why Pharmaceutical Companies Lobby Against Medical Cannabis

It’s easy to understand why big pharmaceutical companies pushing pain pills like opioids down people’s throats are jumping at the chance to shut down the progress of cannabis legalization. They’ve got a really good thing going for them with the billions of dollars they’re able to generate from their products. So when a reasonable, safe, natural alternative that grows from the earth begins to creep in on their turf, they feel threatened and terrified.

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Those having a hard time imagining how this could be the case should picture the pharmaceutical industry as a thriving, calculating drug cartel, with maybe a little less menace. Cannabis has the potential to cripple their industry, which would directly impact their way of life. Of course, that’s peanuts compared to the number of lives that have been brought down by the weight of opioid addiction.

Road to addiction

It’s estimated that over two million Americans abuse pain pills and struggle with addiction. It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand the negative impacts that frequent use of opioids can have on the human body. Dependency can lead to brain and liver damage, extremely severe constipation, and destruction of overall quality of life. Countless families have been torn apart by opioid addiction, especially cases ending in overdose or suicide. This is sadly all too often the way the story ends, and yet business is still booming.

Green goddess

Cannabis is one of the miracles of our planet that has the potential to enhance our health in a great number of ways. It is as effective as many types of pain pills and even helps addicts combat the horrible effects of opioid withdrawal. So, naturally, a pharmaceutical company like Insys Therapeutics in Arizona is inspired to dump $500,000 into anti-legalization campaigns, to protect their bottom line by preventing suffering patients from having this natural medicine. These are the same people behind both a synthetic cannabis product called Syndros as well as a deadly painkiller called Subsys fentanyl.

Enhancing your daily routine

Concerning this company (although there are many others like them), it has become clear to many that they are attempting to remove cannabis from the medicinal market to ensure their profit remains unaffected. Insys has openly rebuked supporting Arizona’s Proposition 205, stating:

Insys firmly believes in the potential clinical benefits of cannabinoids. Like many in the healthcare community, we hope that patients will have the opportunity to benefit from these potential products once clinical trials demonstrate their safe and effective use.

Millions swear by the relief cannabis has brought to their tortured lives, and the herb has never killed a single person in a hundred centuries; maybe one day we’ll know if it’s safe and effective. Anyway, professing concern about people’s safety and health if they use cannabis while selling the addictive and deadly opioid fentanyl doesn’t seem too heartfelt, does it?

The simple truth is that cannabis is a viable substitution for these meds, and the pharmaceutical chiefs know it. Spending huge sums of money lobbying against the herb is an act of self-preservation and nothing more. The fight is still far from over, and with only half the states having legalized medical cannabis, we have a ways to go until everyone who needs to access the powerful healing plant is able to do so without fear of punishment. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and every day brings us one step closer to that goal.


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