What Myths You Need To Be Aware Of Regarding Laser Tattoo Removal?

Are you reconsidering that ink? If you’re no longer in love with your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is usually a safe (though costly) option. While lasers are beneficial, efficient, and successful for tattoo removal, there are many myths about what they can (and cannot) accomplish. Before you voluntarily have a dubious song lyric engraved into your forearm or before you take the leap and have something old removed, what here’s you should know about the laser procedure. By the way, don’t forget about taking the Tktx numbing cream.

The first myth is that laser removal is safe wherever treatment is provided

While laser clinics and spas are springing up all over, it is critical to ensure that a dermatologist performs laser removal. Dermatologists understand what to look for in terms of complications and who not to treat. There is a danger of bleeding, infection, and scarring with laser tattoo removal. All of these complications may be effectively managed, but only under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Second Myth: Laser removal is a straightforward, fast, dependable, and painless way to remove an undesirable tattoo

The most common misunderstanding about tattoo removal is that it is a kind of erasure. It is a procedure. Occasionally, full removal of a tattoo may take up to two years, with treatments every six, eight, or twelve weeks. Additionally, this is not the same as waxing your eyebrows, and this is an invasive treatment that costs hundreds of dollars each session.

Third Myth: Having a tattoo erased is not unpleasant

Laser tattoo removal may be painless, but only if a numbing chemical is used. For more extensive tattoos that take longer to remove, a doctor may numb the area with lidocaine, while a non-medical practitioner may not. Smaller tattoos are theoretically as painful to remove since the laser settings are determined by the color of the tattoo, not its size. However, the pain associated with removing a tiny tattoo is less intense than that associated with removing a big tattoo, making the procedure more tolerable for some. Moreover, for the pain, you will have the Tktx numbing cream.


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