What Kinds of Landscape Design Services Can Professionals Offer?

Even if you can decorate a living room or adorn a bedroom like a pro, landscape design presents a unique set of challenges that may stump you. It not only necessitates a completely different set of skills than interior design, but it also changes and evolves over time — flowers wither, trees mature, and shrubs grow and spread. And this is where a landscape professional can come in handy

Determine which type of landscape professional is best for your needs

Before you begin, you must identify the skill set that best matches the scope of work you have in mind. Landscape architects are typically trained to create comprehensive structural and aesthetic plans that include hardscaping, water use, and drainage, as well as plant selection and garden design. Plans may also include changes to the house’s exterior as part of the overall exterior design.

Landscape designers can have advanced training or not. They frequently specialize in the aesthetic and horticultural aspects of yard and garden planning, but many also do structural work.

Landscape contractors put a landscape architect’s or designer’s plans into action. A landscape contractor may also provide design services in some cases. Depending on your vision for your yard, you may wish to hire one or more of these professionals.

Make a budget

Before contacting a professional, have a firm idea of how much money you want to spend, just as you would for interior design or remodelling. This will not only provide the landscaper with a starting point and a useful set of parameters, but it will also save both of you time and frustration in the long run. You don’t want to fall in love with sketches of lavish flowers and stately trees only to discover they’re out of your price range, and a pro doesn’t want to waste time drawing up detailed plans that will have to be scrapped later.


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