Tips On How Beginners Can Design Lanyards

A lanyard is a type of accessory that is worn around the neck. It can be used to attach your small personal belongings like keys, IDs, mobile phones, and even USB flash drives. Check it out if you want to design one for your organization but you don’t want to seek help from graphic artists, there are things that you can do so that it will be easy for you to come up with a design.

If you don’t know how to design personalized accessories but you have some basic drawing skills, here are some helpful tips that can help you speed up the process of creating lanyards and saving money at the same time.

  1. Start with Pen and Paper

If you don’t have any design yet, get your pen and paper ready! This might be old-fashioned to some, but those two tools will be very helpful for beginners in conceptualizing possible designs for lanyards. If you’re a “pro” when it comes to creating designs, you may use special software to draw your potential designs. As much as possible, don’t create too many designs because it will be hard for you to decide which one to pick.

  1. Make a logo and Think about the font

Start making a logo if your organization doesn’t have one yet. Think of the things related to your organization and draw them on paper. If you’re planning to create a logo for an association of computer science majors, maybe you can draw a small computer or write some binary codes on your paper. You can also use the internet to look for some samples that can help you create a logo for your organization. If you don’t want a logo, you can focus on the font style instead.

You can do trial and error on this process. You can even experiment with your handwriting and lettering. Don’t forget to check different font styles online. Make sure that the organization’s name can be seen clearly. If you don’t want to put your organization’s logo and name, you can also think of a slogan or quote that will help describe your organization. Choose a font style that will stand out.

If you already have your designs, ask your fellow members to decide which particular design you will be using.

  1. Pick a Color

You must pick a color that is related to your organization’s principles. If your organization’s job is to save the environment, you can use green.

  1. Look for a Manufacturer

Find a reputable manufacturer that can satisfy your needs. Search for online reviews about the company. Don’t forget to look at their sample products.

  1. Choose a Material

It’s up to you if you want your lanyards in nylon or polyester. Both materials are guaranteed to be sturdy but if you want to save money, choose polyester. If your logo is too colorful and intricate, it’s not advisable to have it woven because the design will not be too accurate. It’s better for this type of logo to be silk screened or printed instead.

  1. Select the Attachment

Choose an attachment that will be useful to you. Make an assessment. If most of your fellow members are having a hard time holding their mobile phones, choose an attachment where they can hang their phones. Attachments like water bottle holders, on the other hand, can help mountaineers in carrying their drinking bottles.

  1. Pay and Wait

After creating a design for your lanyards, tell your plans to the manufacturer. Choose the quantity and pay the total amount. Wait for the items to be delivered to you.


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