The Flowers For The Bride – which are the best ones?

We see and all know that the bridal look is completed by one important element: the wedding bouquet . Less it is known the story of it and why it is taken as needed accessory for the bride. It all comes from ancient times, when people believing in gods used to bring them oblations. So was for a young coupe marrying: with the idea of protection and bless from the gods the grooms’ cloths where all decked out with herbs. But in time it all gained a need for the esthetic look so it transformed into a bouquet of flowers. You can choose white flowers for the bride that will match with the white wedding flip flops purchased. You can select the flowers with good fragrance to attend the wedding day. The choosing of the white one is better than the colorful flowers. 

From others perspective the bridal wedding bouquet represents the youth and luck, in a measure being about the life until the groom’s appearing. Due to this idea after the wedding it is the time of tossing the wedding bouquet, share the luck with others ladies, but as well to forget about the life before in symbolic expression.

With all these meanings and considerations it is clearly that the bridal bouquet has to be one of the bridal elements to integrate to the wedding decor. In other words, it represents the bride so it has to be its matching view. The wedding flowers bridal bouquet are chosen according to some determined factors:

Source Not only to reduce the costs the wedding bouquet involves but at the same time to make it totally representative for the wedding one can choose the flowers in it to be seasonal ones. Part of the season the wedding takes place they get to be an icon for this, for the bride too. Plus, think about you needing two bouquets, one to keep it and one to toss it. More money if they are about extra seasonal or exotic flowers.

As colors the wedding flowers bridal bouquet have to be on the same wavelength with the wedding colors. The bride in white and with a colored view of its bouquet makes these nuances be the contrast with its view, plus to be the focus point which represents the entire wedding. Hence, this is not a strict rule so that even a white bridal wedding bouquet can be the option. So like it is said that colors express our mood and personality it is up to each one to select them for this situation.


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