The Benefits of Selling with social media promotional techniques

Social Media, Hopefully by now you’ve already gleaned the benefits of selling by social media, but it’s worth just reminding ourselves of the potential that’s out there waiting for us at the end of this book:

By using the subtle techniques I’ve mentioned above, you will get your brand out there, recognized and well known. The tools you will use (more on this later) will allow you to identify potential customers at the exact moment that they need help; your contribution will be valued and your brand appreciated.

I’m going to show you how to network later on in this book but for now, let me just say that everything you do in social media is done to make contacts and build relationships. The bonus is that you can use some of the information freely offered up in social media by your potential customers – likes, dislikes, activities, tweets – to tailor your approach. You’re a salesman; you know how to use this to open conversations.

Different videos are uploaded at the social media platform. The managers can buy youtube likes for multiple videos which will be converted into the real and loyal customers of the business. The approach is the right one for the benefits of the business people. There is an increase in the revenue of the firms. 

Of course, you can’t measure your marketing or selling via social media in quite the same way as you can your traditional marketing efforts; we’ll look at the exact analytics you can use for social media towards the end of this book but there’s no doubt that it’s hard to put a number on the concrete sales that you’ll earn via dialogue with people. However experts agree that the more your brand is known and the more positive associations that people make with it – and with you – the more likely they are to buy off you some time in the future. In addition, once they feel they have a connection with you, the more likely they are to refer you and your products to others. We’ll be looking at lead generation in more detail in its dedicated chapter later in the book.

As anyone knows, turning customers into evangelists for your brand is the sales and marketing Holy Grail; the good news is that social media tools that promote sharing can do exactly that. A famous example is the Flickr partnership with Nikon; any Nikon pictures uploaded to the online photo sharing site contained the Nikon logo and members were falling over themselves to join in. Supermarket giant Tesco also earned £2 million last year through their Facebook fan page alone, simply by posting links in their news feed and watching as the offers went viral. People were doing their marketing work for them by rushing to pass the message on.

Selling With Social Media – The Financial Cost

A final benefit is, of course, the very low cost involved. It gives a way to drive traffic, increase awareness of your brand and communicate with customers without paying for it through the nose, are just some The Benefits of Selling with Social Media.


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