Steps To Installing Tar And Chip Paving – Know them!!


would like to go thru the steps that we take to make sure that your new Tar and Chip Driveway is done correctly. We will look at a couple of different ways depending on what kind if surface we are going over. The first scenario we are Chip Sealing over old, out of shape Black Top. First after we have come to terms and filled out a contract we mobilize the crew and send them to your location.

Then after equipment has been unloaded we will start to clean your old asphalt. We can clean by power blowing with a strong asphalt blower or we can power sweep the surface with a broom attachment on our skid loader. After cleaning has been completed we now can start if any patching of holes needs done we might use hot mix black top, recycled concrete, or road base material to fill the holes. After the patching has been completed we can now start our chip sealing. First we make sure the C.R.S.2 tar is heated up to at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Then if a trim board is needed so no tar splashes up against a garage door, concrete curb, or grass edge we get it ready.

Then we start spraying a even layer of the hot C.R.S.2 tar. After the tar has been sprayed we start spreading the gravel on top of the tar. The gravel does come in a couple of different sizes either 3/8″, 5/8″ , 1/2 and depending on your area the rock comes in a couple of color options. After the gravel has been spread and raked evenly we will roll the chip seal to compaction with a combo of a rubber tire roller and steel drum roller. And that’s how you Chip Seal a driveway over old black top. The second scenario we are Chip Sealing over a unpaved surface. It is pretty much the same chip sealing process as heating tar, spraying tar, spreading gravel and rolling the chip seal to compaction.

But the prep work is different. First we will start by cutting grass and loose rock out of road, driveway, or parking lot. Then if we need any road base material we will haul it in and spread the material. Then after the road base has been spread and the surface has been properly graded we will wet the surface and roll the base down to compaction with a combo of a rubber wheel and steel drum roller. Now we can start Chip Sealing the the road, driveway or parking lot.

Some times we will apply 1 course and some times we will apply 2 courses it just depends on your project. Whatever the project is Road, Driveway or Parking Lot. Just remember that Tar and Chip Seal Paving is much less expensive that Black Top or Concrete. You also have very little or no maintenance work with using Tar and Chip Seal Paving. If you want to äärekivi paigaldus, then you should gather complete information about the installation. The white paving stones will offer a different look to the people. The surface will become strong with the intelligence of the developers.


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