South Shore Loft Bed Imagine Collection

When you are searching for a toddler lastevoodi for boys there are a number of things that you want to think about. The first is whether the bunk bed for boys looks great. The second is whether it is at a suitable height, and the third is whether there is enough storage space available for all of your children’s toys. I believe the South Short Loft Bed meets all of these requirements.


  • This particular bunk bed for boys is the perfect height for parents who want to tuck their children in. This is probably one of the main things you want to be on the lookout for when you are searching for a toddler bed for boys.
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Dresser and shelf. You can reverse the position of these dependent on where you are going to be placing the bed in the room.
  • Constructed from top quality particle board.


When it comes to toddler beds for boys this one is built to an incredibly high standard. Sure; it is just particle board. However it seems as though the manufacturer has selected a particle board which is of a high quality. The result of this is a remarkably stable bed. You are not going to have to worry about this randomly ‘collapsing’ in the middle of the night (I have seen a couple of cheap toddler beds for boys which do cause this fear).

There is plenty of storage space here too. The shelf section (which comes complete with two drawers) and the dresser slot easily underneath the bed. As I mentioned previously; you can reverse the positions of them quite easily if you are looking to change the location of the bed. The amount of storage space built into the bed means that this piece of furniture is going to be best suited to those rooms which may not have a lot of space at their disposal.

In addition to this I loved the smaller section in the middle of the bed which provides your child with a good amount of ‘play space’ (trust me; they are going to want to build a fort here). The play area gives easy access to the shelf.

Of course; the main reason as to why most people will be purchasing this bed is the fact that it is incredibly easy to reach your child. Most bunk beds on the market are far too tall. It can make tucking in your child and kissing them goodnight a major hassle. This is the perfect height for most people.


The only major negative to the South Shore Loft Bed is the fact that it is quite small. This is a bed which your child will be using for a couple of years at the most before it needs to be upgraded. Some people may find that it is slightly too expensive for this. Those with a limited budget may want to start with a slightly less expensive but larger bed instead.Lastevoodi is one of the most important accessory for one’s children. Therefore, one must take all possible precautions and care while buying the bunk bed or cots for one’s children. Some of the factors one talked about in this articles are the cost, features and the warranty period. Please keep them in mind while shopping for one.


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