Restright Side Sleeper Pillow For Ultimate Comfort

For the past five years I have slept wonderfully comfortable on a water pillow. When my pillow popped a leak a few weeks ago I decided to look for a different style of pillow that would give me the same level of comfort that my water pillow did.

After spending $55 at Bed Bath amp; Beyond, only to experience neck and back pain on their expensive side sleeper pillows, I decided to go a cheaper route and what I found has me thrilled.

My local Fred Meyer store had all of their pillows for 30% off, so the $20 RestRight Eternaloft Side Sleeper Pillow only cost me $14.00 – a far cry from $55.00! I have slept on this pillow for a week now and I can’t believe how comfortable it is.

The RestRight Eternaloft Side Sleeper Pillow has a thread count of 300. Not the best, but I don’t need a pillow with a thread count any higher because I am not going to feel the fabric anyway, my pillow will be inside a pillow case. The pillow has a 100% cotton cover and hypoallergenic 100% down alternative fill. It features the companies “MicroSpring spiral fibers for silky soft, long lasting comfort and support”.

RestRight has a special sleep profile rating system consisting of the stomach sleeper in soft (2.5 sleep rating profile), the back sleeper in medium (3.5 sleep rating profile), the side sleeper in firm (4.5 sleep profile rating) and last the side sleeper extra firm (5.5 sleep profile rating). Their sleep profile rating system is described as a “Scientifically-based numerical system that helps you choose the pillow that will provide you with the ideal head, neck and shoulder alignment for your sleep position”.

I purchased the side sleeper 4.5 in the standard/queen size that measures twenty inches by twenty eight inches. While this RestRight Eternaloft Side Sleeper Pillow looks lofty, it is actually very supportive of my head and neck, giving me support and comfort at the same time. I occasionally sleep on my stomach and this pillow is equally comfortable in that position as well.

Let’s face it, buying a new bed pillow can be a daunting and frustrating experience. I didn’t want to pay over $100 for another water pillow, yet I wanted the same level of comfort it provided while searching for an entirely different style. The Sleep Profile Rating System really helped me choose a pillow that is right for me, and now I will know what my proper profile is! That means the next time I need a new pillow I won’t have to guess or worry about which one to buy, I will simply purchase another RestRight pillow with the same rating!

I love my new RestRight Eternaloft Side Sleeper Pillow. It is exactly what I was looking for. The contents stay nice and fluffy and don’t shift around, and the price was so reasonable there was no reason not to give it a try. I am pleased to recommend the RestRight Eternaloft Side Sleeper Pillow.


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