Ray Ban Erika Round Sunglasses Review – How are they useful?

Stylish, functional and even futuristic,these are all adjectives which have been used to describe the Ray Ban Erika Round Sunglasses and with good reasons too. The sunglasses are made from premium materials and bear the distinctive Ray Ban gradient lens tinting. Using non-polarizing UV protection coating, these are sunglasses made with the needs of the modern user in mind. The glasses perform well even in indoor areas. Moreover, and unlike many other tinted sunglasses in the market, you do not have to squint or take off the sunglasses just to make out a small detail on your phone’s screen.I think all over very nice Ray Ban Erika Round Sunglasses review. The meeting of the requirements is there with the purchase of 4147 ray ban screws. The features of the shades and lenses are great to fulfill the needs of the people. The protection from the wind and brightness is great. For further information, checking of the reviews can be there. 

The best Ray Ban Erika Round Sunglasses review

  • Features

Fitted with UV400 Lens

These Ray-Ban women’s eyeglasses are not only cool and stylish but they are designed to offer you maximum protection. The lenses are coated with a UV400 layer to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. With the Erica Round sunglasses for women, you can lie back and relax, certain that no harm will befall your eyes or the delicate skin around them.

Get the Look of Adventure Down Pat

Since the foundation of the Ray Ban brand the company has strived to design products which capture the American spirit of adventure, heroism and self-made character. The Erica Round Sunglasses for women capture this profile perfectly. Don these glasses and you will be distinguishing yourself as someone willing to take risks, one not willing to hold back from taking to a path less trodden. And, of course, you will be making a unique fashion statement while at it.

Made from Premium Materials

The Ray-Ban Women’s Erika Round Sunglasses are designed to stand the test of time. They are therefore durable and designed for a wide variety of weather conditions. The frame is designed from a mixture of plastic and resin materials with proper metal reinforcements. This means the sunglasses as a whole are very light without any compromise on their functionality or durability.

Non-Polarized Lenses

The Erika Round Sunglasses for women are fitted with a pair of non-polarized lenses. These offer adequate UV protection which does not affect quality of viewing even in poor lighting conditions. Unlike polarized sunglasses which make it very hard to make out details on flat screen TVs and smartphones, these sunglasses make it easy for you to go about your business without having to keep on taking your glasses on and off just to do simple everyday tasks.


Quality construction Stylish design Viewing quality not affected by poor lighting conditions Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use Ergonomically enhanced design ensures a perfect fit round the ears, on the bridge of the nose and round your eye sockets Get a fitting and inlaid carrying case free of charge A full warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship


The lenses are made from a form of hard, clear plastic. While this ensures they are very light, some “old-school” users who prefer glass may find them a bit cheap. You only get a selection of three lens shades, all of them in gradient tint hues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

These are the most frequently asked questions by customers:

Do these glasses ship around the world?

Yes. When you order through Amazon.com, this pair of sunglasses can be shipped to your address almost anywhere in the world. Check with the dealers to see if your region is among the few countries excepted from the list.

Can these sunglasses be worn by men?

While the manufacturer designates these as exclusively women’s glasses, there is nothing about them that is overtly “girly”. Essentially, they are unisex and can be worn by men as well.

Are these authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Yes. These are original Ray Ban women’s Erika Round sunglasses complete with the distinctive engraved logo on the lenses. They are designed in Italy with all the essential proof of source of the product available.

Final Verdict

The Ray Ban Erika Round Sunglasses are the very definition of cool elegance. But despite their distinctly stylish appearance, the glasses are also fully functional in nature. Indeed, their all round functional design makes them a very serious contender for sunglasses made to suit all the demands of the modern fashionista. Try them today and you will certainly concur with our assessment.


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