The Adam Lambert AMA video was made for YouTube domination. Although the Adam Lambert AMA video was too graphic for some, YouTube has no problem showing it all. While Adam Lambert’s AMA performance is still setting YouTube on fire, and the rest of the Internet, Lambert himself has to live with the aftermath. Thus far, Lambert is reaping both the benefits and backlash of the AMA video, as he tries to focus on his actual album.

The Adam Lambert AMA video was meant to close the show with a bang, and get extra attention for his debut album. But as Lambert makes the rounds to promote “For Your Entertainment” the buzz is more focused on how he performed the title track with male slaves, make out scenes, and simulated oral sex at the AMAs.

Although Lambert released the official “For Your Entertainment” music video earlier this week, it is pretty much going by the wayside. The Adam Lambert AMA video likely has more YouTube hits than the official version of the song. But the extra exposure on YouTube and the rest of the Internet may help make up for it.

It is fitting that the Adam Lambert AMA video is a YouTube hit, for all the wrong or unintended reasons. Lambert rose to fame on American Idol in the first place because of hit live performances, and how they kept being downloaded online. That helped make his rendition of “Mad World” a viral hit, and made Lambert the Idol favorite up until the final week.

This time, a viral video and big live performance is working against Lambert, at least in the short term. Good Morning America canceled a planned concert, and the usual protesters are out to bash Lambert for his sexually charged, homoerotic display.

But in the long term, sales of “For Your Entertainment” have already gone up, and Adam Lambert will be laughing all the way to the bank. However, all the YouTube fame and increased sales may give him the wrong idea, in that he even needs to use shock value to get attention.

Lambert already captured much of America on American Idol with his voice and charisma, but his AMA video, and his glam album cover, may give him a reputation that overshadows his actual talent. For the moment, Lambert continues to defend his AMA video, and is still doing interviews and performances for those who will let him.

He has already accused those who were offended of using a double standard, since female performers have been more graphic in the past. Inevitably, Lambert’s homosexuality will be the overriding issue of why people may or may not have been offended, if it hasn’t already. That should keep the AMA video on top of the YouTube charts even longer.

Have you dropped your iPod touch amp; picked it up only to find out that it is pretty screen is now looking like something out of Charlotte’s web? Or, have you picked up your nifty small device only to see that your poor iPod touch’s screen is shattered? This article will go through a number of the potential repairs involved with the iPod Touch screen amp; the way you can prevent this from happening in the future.

One time you discover your device in it is unfortunate condition there is a variety of routes you can go from there. Plenty of customers take their beloved iPod Touch to the Apple store, only to find out that the apple care plan they bought excludes the screen. Plenty of of us would think, well then why did I buy the Apple care?

One time you sulk in your actions for long , you will revert to depression when the Apple store informs you that the screen repair is a whopping $200. This was serious sticker shock when I first saw it, a repair that costs as much as the device?

The next step would be to assess the destroy yourself. The repair is a lengthy repair, with the rubber surround being inevitably damaged on every removal. While the iPod Touch repair may appear simple, it is much more difficult than it may appear on the surface.

The other repair possibility is to send it off to an online repair company to have it repaired. The prices will range from about sixty to one hundred dollars depending on the generation iPod Touch you may have. This route seems the most logical ought to you select to salvage your device.

The last option is the at home repair. This option is feasible, but ought to be only tried by the semi-professional technician. The reason for this being that the intricacy of the parts directly under the screen are likely to be damaged by the untrained repair attempt.

Ought to you be worn out of your device amp; pick that you require to pony up for a new shiny one, there’s several places you can try to cut the cost of the new device. First, there’s several companies on the net that buy broken devices. Second, you can turn to eBay to see what the going rate is for somebody who has an interest in flipping your broken device.

Ought to you run in to the predicament of a broken iPod Touch screen, you will now have full knowledge on the choices available to somebody in your situation.

I became a true Apple enthusiast in 2001 amp; have continued to gain interest in the company’s product line since that time. In 2007, the revolutionary iPhone was released to the market amp; I decided to start a repair store for the distinctive device. At that time I founded in order to meet peoples iPhone screen repair needs. In mid 2009 our company listened to the voice of our customers amp; added an iPod Touch screen repair service to our storefront. Since our beginning, they have repaired over 6000 devices amp; have truly perfected the process of repairing an Apple hand-held device. While they are most renown for our iPhone screen repair service, our customer base is quickly growing in the iPod Touch screen repair sector. They are known for our low prices, high quality repair, amp; high quality customer support.

Want to make sure your grandchildren don’t get bored on your next excursion? We all know how rowdy children and teenagers can get. Your grandchildren need time and activities that will allow them to release all their energy, but at the same time keep you from spending all of yours.

The next time you set out to do a little traveling with the grandchildren try some of these ideas, they will be a sure hit.

1. Indoor Waterparks. The Great wolf lodge has 12 locations nationwide in which you can visit with your grandchildren. Your grandchildren can play in the water park while you rest in the air conditioning. Great Wolf Lodge is open year round and includes an indoor water park, scavenger hunts throughout the hotel, fine dining facilities, and rooms with multiple bedrooms.

2. Ski Resorts are a great place for you to travel with your grandchildren. Even if you don’t ski, you can sign your grandchildren up for ski lessons. Ski resorts such as those found in Copper Mountain, CO will provide your grandchildren with top notch ski lessons. In the evenings enjoy a sleigh ride with your grandchildren, or take them somewhere nice to eat. Ski resorts are almost always family oriented and will provide hours of enjoyment for those who want to ski, and those who want to watch and relax.

3. Indoor amusement parks. Indoor amusement parks are found all around our country. The indoor amusement park found at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota boasts roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and a slew of other rides for every age child. Other indoor amusement parks of note would be Disney Quests Interactive Theme Park, and Go Bananas in Norridge, Ill.

4. Family Friendly Beaches. When traveling with your grandchildren make sure and remember how much children and teenagers love the beach. Family friendly beaches are easy to find and cater to all age groups. Try finding an ocean front condo or house that has private beach access and your grandchildren will have found a small piece of heaven. Rest and relax while at the same time being able to keep a watchful eye on your children. Beaches such as Stewart Beach in Galveston Texas, and Nags Head North Carolina are sure to offer value and amenities that will make traveling with the grandchildren more enjoyable.

5. Kid Friendly Cruises. Not sure you want to be in a car for 12 hours a day when traveling with the grandchildren. Look into a Kid friendly cruise. The best of these would have to be a Disney Cruise. Disney cruises give you an all inclusive travel experience and allow the children to play while you participate in a plethora of other activities available to you. Other cruise lines offer more affordable kid friendly cruises such as the Princess Cruises, and the Carnival Cruise line offer great amenities for children and their grandparents.

Traveling with your grandchildren can be a rewarding experience. Don’t let the most enjoyable part of your next vacation be when you get to drop them back off. Take advantage of these 5 ideas the next time you set out to travel with your grandchildren.

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