Marijuana Effect On Patients With Ptsd

Though most of us have the privilege of leading relatively sheltered and event-free lives, there are others who aren’t nearly as lucky. As it happens, there are some pretty horrible things which can take place in one’s life, and many of those who witness them end up developing a severe anxiety disorder known as PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The disorder is characterized by the person vividly reliving the event time and time again in their minds, reacting to it with intense fear, hopelessness, or terror. PTSD is generally caused by truly shocking events, such as death or extreme violence, either physical, sexual, or psychological. Fortunately, medical experts are working on methods to help those afflicted by the disorder to overcome it, and one of the most promising ones is rooted in medical marijuana. With CBD oils that are extracted from the marijuana plants, you get a completely safe and effective medical treatment process. Moreover, the link here will tell you where to buy cbd oil near me. 

About the PTSD Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Before looking into how the substance can help those with post-traumatic stress disorder it is first important to explain why it’s a worthy alternative to pharmaceutical medications in the first place. As various studies have shown it, marijuana is not addictive, it’s impossible to overdose on it, and it has a very large number of health benefits while having remarkably-few drawbacks. In other words, marijuana is a safe, side-effect free treatment method that has already been known to help people deal with a number of problems, both physical and psychological.

Cannabis and PTSD – The Study

Dr. Mechoulam is one of the most highly-regarded names in the scientific community, being the Israeli scientist who first isolated THC as being the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. He also discovered the body’s own endocannabinoid system and has performed a number of different studies with the substance, mostly on mice though.

As he once explained it himself, perhaps one of his most fascinating discoveries was the fact that cannabinoids amplify and/or accelerate the process of memory extinction. The said process is perfectly natural and the human mind uses it in order to detach stimuli from the memories themselves; it is basically the reason why a tragic or shocking event is easier and easier to think about as time passes by. Patients who are suffering from PTSD have the misfortune of constantly reacting to their memory as if they were still there; in other words, every single time re-living the event feels like their first.

Dr. Mechoulam’s results imply that marijuana could help patients afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder to sever the link between the tragic event and the stimuli. Naturally, it is a process that can take some time in order to actually bear fruit, but as of now it truly looks like the most promising method of curing PTSD, especially when considering all the other advantages marijuana brings to the table.

The Future of PTSD and Marijuana

All in all, it may be a bit too early to declare marijuana as being the be-all-end-all cure for post-traumatic stress disorder, but considering that Dr. Mechoulam obtained the permission to conduct studies on Israeli veterans, it is entirely possible that in the coming years the plant will be officially considered as a viable course of treatment. As a matter of fact, certain states in the U.S. have already legalized the use of medical marijuana for PTSD and are funding further research as to the plant’s seemingly magical ability to help with virtually anything.


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