Marijuana Cultivation In The Usa – learn about it 

Growing marijuana is highly regulated in the USA. Let us look at marijuana cultivation in the USA focussing on the state of Colorado as an example. Before planning a cannabis garden within the state of Colorado, you must first and foremost ensure that you follow all the regulations for growing marijuana outdoors as outlined by the Marijuana Enforcement Act. In the state of Colorado, these regulations are about the following:

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  • The accessibility of the plants,
  • The number of plants,
  • Location,
  • The people who are allowed to come into contact with the plants.

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Marijuana cultivation; what you need to know:

If you are planning to cultivate marijuana outdoors within the state of Colorado, you must strictly follow the law that governs its cultivation. The following are the regulations that are outlined by the state of Colorado:

  • Limit the number your marijuana plants

If you are a home grower, you are allowed to have a maximum of 6 plants per person or 12% per household. However, you are only allowed to have half flowering at a time. The most challenging thing about cultivating cannabis outdoors is that your plants flower at the same time, usually around September and October. The only option available to you is to uproot half of your plants. One way to avoid such a scenario is make sure that you plant 3 to 6 female plants only. You can find out how to ensure that you get female plants only.

  • Make sure you grow your plants in a secure, enclosed location.

Within the state of Colorado, the law requires you to cultivate your cannabis in a fully-enclosed location. The most ideal locations include your garage, basement, or greenhouse. You must ensure the location remains closed off round the clock. Keeping the windows open is also illegal.

  • Kids are not allowed to access the plants

You are supposed to ensure that only adults have access to your marijuana plants. According to Colorado laws, the only persons who can access your plants must be aged 21 and above, or 18 with a valid medical card.

Other considerations

If you are planning to grow marijuana outdoors, there are other considerations that you need to factor in. They include:

  • The size of your plants

If you decide to grow your marijuana plants in pots, don’t expect them to grow big. On the other hand, if you plant them directly in the soil, they will grow quite big because of adequate root expansion. This means that when you are planning your green house; consider the potential size of your plants and be aware that they will double in size once they reach the flowering stage.

  • The smell

When planning your green house, consider how best to contain the smell which is emitted by marijuana plants, especially during the last two months, within the green house. This is because the

powerful odor could be offensive to some people, especially your neighbors.

  • Contaminants and pests

As a matter of fact, controlling pests is more difficult when you are cultivating marijuana outside than it would be in a sterile indoor grow room. Your green house will help keep rabbits, birds, and squirrels away but smaller pests such as aphids as well as spider mites are likely to find their way in. To help keep them under control, use plant deterrents and organic sprays. In addition, keep monitoring your plants for pest infestation.


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