Lego Table And Ikea Boxes For Managing Your Lego Playtime

LEGO is known for its intellectual benefits on the kids’ development. It is an age-old game that is now modified into the fitting blocks with a manual of various ideas to build using those blocks. The best part of this game is that it can be played by almost everyone, from kids above the age of 3 to people in their old age. This is considered a great bonding tool between grandparents and grandkids. Though this game has many perks, one of the troubles with this game is that the blocks are tiny, and the kids tend to scatter and eventually misplace the blocks. So organizing the blocks properly in a specified place is important. Two great ideas for organizing are the kids lego table and IKEA boxes.

LEGO table

The kids lego table comes in different sizes and materials. Most companies make tables that are compatible with many forms of LEGOs. The table comes in various attractive colors and designs, along with a matching chair to sit on. The table has a block trapping surface on the top, which acts as an adhesive to form the LEGO construction base that would not move or slide easily.

IKEA boxes

IKEA boxes are a handy storage tool for storing all the household items in an organized manner. These boxes come in different sizes and shapes to fit varied types of household goods. The LEGO blocks can be arranged in different sections of a box segregated according to the block’s colors and sizes. This is an ideal storage way for LEGO blocks.

IKEA and LEGO world combined

IKEA, along with the LEGO world, has made a product that is a combined brainchild. This product is a storage box with a studded lid for building the lego blocks on. After the playtime, the same lego blocks can be stored in the box with a closed lid.


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