It is not a numbers game… Then, what is it?

Reminds me of some of the conversations I’ve heard when people are talking about how many facebook ‘friends’ or LinkedIn connections they have…or worse, when some businesses brag about how many Twitter followers or facebook fans they have managed to acquire.

Twitter is ridiculously popular, facebook is firmly established for years now as a true social network that has become successfully commercialised for lots of companies and LinkedIn is a dream service for some businesses, especially recruitment agencies – but the common theme across most of these social media platforms is the gold rush of businesses that are forgetting themselves while they try and force commercial success by playing a numbers game rather than by looking to build a smaller list of relevant, quality contacts or followers.

People ask queries like –What benefits will I see if I buy Instagram Likes? Plenty of benefits are delivered to the people to increase the engagement of the audience. The building of the followers list with the real likes at the post is great. 

Often it is the marketing services businesses themselves who are prepared to sacrifice quality for numbers in the worry that they cannot sell digital or social media services if they appear to only have a handful of followers on Twitter – I’ve just done a quick check against the Twitter account of one of the north’s premier advertising agencies and the first ‘person’ listed as a follower is a cheap flights spammer…so I looked at another big agency and the 8th follower listed is a spammer that offers free pet services (avatar picture is two dogs having sex)…and then I stopped picking on the more traditional offline agencies that are trying to cross over.

I figured that the digital specialists would fair better, so checked out 2 of the better digital agencies and lo and behold, both had followers in the first page of results who were ‘sex link’ spammers.

I just don’t get it. Why allow the garbage of the internet to follow you on Twitter, and why follow the garbage yourselves as all of the above sample of 4 do? Because you think bigger numbers looks good or perhaps you’re too busy to tidy up your shop window?

I know, I know; I can be accused of looking at them in micro detail, but it really doesn’t take long to apply a bit of care and attention to your accounts and why let your business continue to have any implied association with such rubbish?

In the real world there is no way any company or brand that uses social media would allow an unbalanced religious nutcase to spout biblical dribble in their car park or a scantily clad woman to offer nude pictures of herself to people who walked into their stores, or for a random ‘entrepreneur’ to try and push cheap flights onto clients that were arriving at their head office for a meeting… why allow it online in your own digital real estate?

Forget the numbers, it’s not a mathematical competition, just show a bit of class and care and then see how social media can start to make a small difference to your organisation or to your client’s business.


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