How To Drive More Website Traffic From Social Media

It seems that every day we see more and more people jumping on the social media train. While SEO continues to get more and more competitive, companies are looking to social networks to not only build a brand, but also to build real lasting relationships, which lead to lasting customers as time goes by.

Here’s a few ways that I’ve been able to drive traffic from social media to my website, gaining sales and fans of my brand along the way.

The fans are the core subscriber base that is a part of your existence on social media, which is nothing but a fake virtual world where you can make new friends everyday both for personal and professional commitments to find more ways to keep yourself engaged.

We know that a ton of businesses blog, there’s a ton of value in writing both in terms of SEO value as well as conversion rate optimization. We also know that a ton of companies are using video to help as well. Very few companies are combining the two though. I’ve long thought that a short intro video for a blog post, especially on a platform like Vine could help keep readers more engaged, but also helps with social sharing. I’ve read that blog posts with any sort of video are up to five times more likely to be shared, which mirrors closely to what I’ve seen with my own account.

Yeah I know, I hadn’t heard of it 6 months ago either. Slideshare is about what you’d expect, a place for people to share their slides, or presentations. The network is huge though, it has close to 60 million monthly page views, making it one of the one hundred largest websites in the world last month. The big thing is that links can be embedded into your slides and those same slides are very likely to be shared. For my wine clubs, as an example, our slides dealing with wineries and wine regions often gain a few hundred links in the months after they are released simply because there isn’t a lot of other wine content available.

One thing we’re all learning is that video is gaining ground on text online. While we suggested combining platforms already, using video where you can makes a ton of sense. Millenials are more likely to watch a four minute video than they are to spend four minutes reading a blog entry. Baby Boomers have been loathe to video for decades, but that’s even changing since more and more of them are accessing video on their Iphones. The end result is that Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine in existence. So where can you use video on your site that you don’t already? It’s been said that having a FAQ section of the site is a good way to target long tail keywords and that’s true, but including a video answer (with a video transcription below of course, that text still is all that search engine’s can index) helps keep people longer, puts a face to your company and generally dramatically increases conversion rates.


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