How to Cope When You Are Sick

If you are anything like me, you hate to even have a minor headache. Any feeling of illness is suddenly blown up out of all proportion, mainly because I am not myself. I am not in control of my body. Perhaps that is how you feel too. The following suggestions will help you to cope more effectively when you are sick.

How to cope when you are sick #1 Rest

Some minor illnesses are caused by exhaustion and inadequate rest. Try going for two or three days without enough rest if you do not believe me and you will see for yourself what I mean. So if you are burning yourself out at work or in some other way, do not be surprised if you come down with a minor health complaint. It is your body’s way of trying to slow you down so that you can get the rest you need. So if you are not feeling well, listen to your body and get into bed. It is amazing how replenishing a decent night’s rest will be on a tired body.

How to cope when you are sick #2 Stay hydrated

Sometimes the last thing you want to do when you are sick is to eat. Even a few mouthfuls of food can cause nausea and vomiting. If that is the case, do not force yourself to eat. Instead, try to stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can. Just sip it at regular intervals rather than trying to gulp it down, as this will make you feel worse. Then as the nausea starts to subside, try to eat again. Avoid greasy foods and try to eat dry food such as plain crackers, or toast. If you can manage it, eat chicken soup. It is great for aiding a speedy recovery from a cold and some other ailments. Even a little food will help fuel your body and help you recover more quickly. For any inquiry from the experts, a login can be made at the My Pill App website to get information about the pills. The answer of the issue should satisfy the need of the person. 

How to cope when you are sick #3 Avoid heavy household chores

The last thing you will feel like doing when you are sick is household chores. So lay off from them while you are feeling unwell. The chores will still be there when you recover! It does not matter if you get a bit behind with your usual chores, as long as you are recovering.

How to cope when you are sick #4 Accept help from family/ friends

If you have a family member or friend close by to help you, then all the better. They will probably not need to be asked if they will help you while you are feeling unwell. They are more likely to just step in and lend a helping hand. This can be as simple as preparing a meal, washing the dishes to helping with more pressing responsibilities, such as picking up the children from school or running errands for you. Do not suffer in silence. Enlist the help of a family member or friend until you are back on your feet again.

How to cope when you are sick #5 Be positive

Easier said than done! I’m miserable when I am sick and I often expect others to feel sorry for me! But I do try to be positive and so can you. It is no fun being sick and not being able to do what you normally do. But that is no reason to let it get you down. A minor ailment will subside and then you will be feeling better again.

The point is to realize is that just because you are sick it does not mean that you cannot do a lot to help yourself. By avoiding over-exertion, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated, you will make a speedier recovery than if you continued to work yourself into the ground. So help yourself by listening to your body and doing all you can to aid in your recovery.


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