How To Capture Your Video Game Best Moments With A DVD Recorder

A popular activity among gamers today is sharing their best moments with other gamers online. It is a desirable activity because it allows you to show your skill and editing creativity to others around the world. Unfortunately, capturing you favorite video game moments often involve the purchasing of expensive video capture cards and other devices in order to get your console game videos on the computer. However, not many people realize that there is a much simpler and less expensive way to capture your glory.

With the popularity of DVDs as the movie medium of choice, many households have gone and purchased DVD Recorders to transfer home movies, DVRed TV shows, and other media onto the digital medium. What many gamers don;t know is that these DVD recorders can also be used to capture your best video game moments for use later on. Here is a simple guide on how to go about the process.

Step 1: Plug your video game console of choice into the DVD recorder.

Almost all DVD Recorders have some Video Input jacks in the back or front of the unit. All that is required to hook your system up the the DVD unit are simple Composite cable wires. These are the White, Red, and Yellow wires that come packaged with every modern video game system. Instead of plugging your game system into the back of your TV, simply plug it into the back of the DVD Recorder instead.

Step 2: Plugging the DVD Recorder into the TV.

Chances are, this step is already completed. Simply run composite or S-Video cables from the Video Out on your DVD Recorder unit to a Video In on your television.

Step 3: Insert a blank DVD into the recorder.

Before you can record anything, you need something to record it on. For this, we will use simple DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs. DVD-Rs are more reliable and generally have better quality, but can only be used once. DVD-RWs and reusable, but are less reliable and have worse quality. The choice is up to you, but I recommend DVD-R. Simply place the blank DVD into your recorder and this step is complete.

Step 4: Make sure both the DVD Recorder and console are on.

In order to record, your DVD Recorder and console must be on. Simply turn both on, and this step is done.

Step 5: Play your game and record.

Start playing whatever it is you want to record and press the Record button on your DVD Recorder when you see something you want to capture. If the game you are playing has a replay function, record a replay of what you just saw. This will give you control of the angle and speed of the video clip which is useful for making Video Montages of your greatest moments.

Step 6: Finalize the DVD.

A DVD cannot be played in other DVD players or computers until they are finalized. Press the finalize button on the DVD Recorder unit and let the process finish. Note that after finalizing is done, the disk cannot be recorded on any more.

Step 7: Rip the DVD into a video file on your computer.

Place the DVD into the computer you want the videos on. Once that is done, use a program such as MagicISO or Nero to turn the DVD files into your standard AVI or Windows Media files. This will save the videos onto your hard drive for instant access and editing ability at any time.

Step 8: Do what you want with your clips.

Once the clips are on your computer, you can upload them to sites such as YouTube, or edit them to create awesome music videos and montages. The sky is really the limit with the creativity you can use once you have the clips at hand. Do what you want, and you’re done.

Hopefully this simple guide will inspire gamers with DVD Recorders to capture their best moments and share them with the world like I did. This process is simple, inexpensive, and easy enough for anyone to do. As always, have fun!


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