Here Are A Few Handy Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto

Players looking forward to catching every single monster and finishing their ‘Dex will require to be prepared. That said, here’s everything one needs to get ready and be prepared for a special event.

The Tour Pokemon GO

Kanto is right here! To assist you in preparing, this guide has put together a few tips on making the most of the event experience.

The Ticket holders- here is all you’re supposed to know

  • The Version selection

The adventure will start after opting for either the Red Version or the Green Ver. of an event. 

  • Collection Difficulties

Once an individual begins the event, they will gain access and entrance to 10 Challenges of collection, and they will remain available and accessible until Sunday, Feb 28.

  • Special Research

The moment you start your tour for Pokémon GO: Kanto adventure, ensure to go on and tap on a Special Research icon post. Professor Willow happens to appear to claim the new Special Research. The moment you do, this can be completed at any given time after or during the event.

  • Free items

Ensure to claim a free item bundle in a shop to go on and give yourself the boost on the adventure! These items bundle is included with the ticket and will grant you 3 Remote Raid Passes alongside 200 plus Poké Balls.

  • Additional daily Raid Passes

Claims up to nine daily Raid Passes at the time of event hours.

  • Incense

It’ll attract the ver-exclusive Pokemon during an event, so ensure to use it!

  • Social media

Go on to share photos on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag- #PokemonGOTour, and one may also see themselves feature in-app at the time of the event!

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