Free Tarot Spreads Relationship For The First Time Enthusiasts

Want to use Tarot cards for love guidance? What do you think if the structure of the Tarot deck is broken down in a way that offers you the bigger picture in relationship readings? Yes, it is better to take a look at the bigger picture first when analyzing free tarot spreads relationship before delving into specific card and combination meanings. If you want to know the role of Major and Minor Arcana cards in a love spread reading, this article is a right place to settle!

Dig Deep Into The Meanings Of Major Arcana Cards

If there are many cards of Major Arcana (3 or more in a larger free tarot relationship reading), then the relationship has a fated element which to some extent can limit your freedom of choice.

When a Major Arcana card is available in a position that reflects a current or future lover, this is or even will be someone important in your life.

When a Major Arcana card appears as the outcome card, it makes the final outcome of the relationship fixed. But, choice about how you relate to this outcome will not be taken from you and it can define how you progress from there.

A Major Arcana card reflecting you means that you learn a significant life lesson through the relationship.

The Empress/Emperor tends to show parental matters which contribute to an unhealthy pattern.

In fact, The Lovers does not mean the perfect relationship. In some case, the card can give a choice situation and lesson about not moving forward till your heart and mind are aligned.

Focus on The Meanings Of Minor Arcana Cards

Wands in a free true love tarot spread reading reflect fiery movement, ambition, drive, and motivation. This may relate to your love life as the suit of Wands also shows sex drive but only if there is a romantic indicator card present, like The Lovers, the 2 of Cups, the 3 of Cups, and so on unless you are practicing a spread about your sex life. Are these Wands found in a general reading about the state of the relationship? It might be that one or you two are now more interested in promoting your career target or in terms of other personal goals. If you are a new comer in this field then it is very crucial for you to get the best services. You will also able to get these things on the internet also such as online tarot card reading. It is very easy to handle and totally free service.

Cups tell about a relationship where both partners are engaging themselves on an emotional level. The suit may reflect drama and huge disappointment, along with relationship happiness. You can expect to find a Cups card in a relationship where the couple loves each other.

Swords often express conflict. It can be all in the mind or through verbal conversation. So, resolving these problems is always advised!

In free tarot spreads relationship, Pentacles put the emphasis on the daily grind, money issues, and health of one or both. In regards to the actual relationship, it may reflect the greater levels of commitment, but only together with cards that indicate emotional affinity/romance. As Earth element, you should not expect instant changes when your whole reading is dominated by this suit. In case you want to change your situation, it is a need to put your shoulder to the wheel.


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