Four Different Kinds Of Mounts For Your TV

Nowadays, it has gotten easy to place television and save space. With technology advancement, the design changed, and we started getting the premium quality of sound and picture. Hence, we have the best of the slimmest television at present, but to hand them on the wall, we need a TV mount.

What are some of the best TV mounts?

There are many brackets or mount for the latest television. Each comes in a different design and size. Here are a few of them:

  1. Vogel’s THIN 546- Any TV from 40″ to 65″ can fit in this mount. It has a 180-degree swivel and 45mm of minimum distance towards the wall with a maximum weight of 66lbs. It has an extension of 25″ and a lifetime warranty.
  2. ECHOGEAR EGLF2- Although it does not come with a warranty, it can still fit a 42″ to 80″ television and weighs 125lbs. It has a tilt of 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down, along with 130 degrees of swivel.
  3. Vogel’s NEXT 7346- This mount can support any television of 40″ to 65″. There is no tilt but a swivel of 120 degrees along with an extension of 28″. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and weighs about 66 lbs.
  4. Vogel’s Thin 505- This mount does not have any swivel and extension. But has a tilt of 15 degrees forward and fits a television of size 40″ to 65″. It weighs about 40 kgs and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For more details on these mounts and brackets, you can go through There you can get all the necessary details.

Purchase a TV mount that not only fits your TV but suits your room and the positioning best. Talk to the sellers because they can always help you and guide you with the best products.


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