Five Issues That Affect Our Health – Know about them

Every day patients across America face the issue of being denied access to medical care services and medical insurance. In Ohio, we are losing medical professionals at an alarming rate, leaving thousands of patients without a medical care provider to serve their needs. This crisis boils down to two issues: the affordability and availability of medical liability insurance for providers. The American Medical Association found that in 2000 medical liability insurance rates increased by at least 30% in 8 states and by at least 25% in more than 12 states. The insurance issue of these rates are forcing more physicians, hospitals, and other medical care providers to limit their practices or leave the profession altogether.

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Thousands of doctors nationwide have been left with no liability insurance as major insurers are either leaving the market or raising insurance rates to astronomical levels. Many liability insurance companies will not issue insurance policies to younger medical professionals. This is happening because there is no stability in the marketplace for providing medical liability insurance. The medical care system is fraught with frivolous lawsuits and outrageous jury awards that force the issue that insurance companies must raise rates as well. 

Many insurance companies refuse to issue insurance policies to high risk medical professionals. Excessive litigation is leading to higher medical care costs and insurance rates for every American and instability for our medical care providers. Medical care professionals are forced to practice defensive medicine by ordering unnecessary tests just to avoid the issue of being sued for “under-diagnosing” their patients. A study by the Department of Health and Human Services found defensive medicine is costing the federal government an estimated $28 billion to $47 billion in unnecessary medical care costs. Every American pays for those unnecessary costs in the form of higher health insurance premiums. Too often, costs are so great that employers have bring the issue to the forefront and cancel health insurance coverage altogether, thereby increasing the number of Americans will no health insurance.


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