Elder Scrolls- Final Showdown

What is it with video games involving warriors that youngsters lap it up and are yet not satisfied as their hunger keeps increasing for more and more? It could be that these games are exceedingly violent with blood and gore all over the place.

However, that is too simplistic an argument because even though it is in the human psyche to enjoy dangerous and horrific things on film, it does provide an endless bout of thrills because nothing gives more satisfaction than the adrenaline rush pumping at a high level.

It is this intoxicating feeling due to which youngsters gravitate towards violent video games like The Elder Scrolls, a prominent one despite being quite underrated when compared to a few others like Pokemon Go and Warcraft.

Level Field

The uncanny similarity of Elder Scrolls with Game of Thrones is quite profound to be ignored and many gaming aficionados constantly compare it with Roman Empire games and movies as well.

The Elder Scrolls, however, has its own unique flavor because anthropomorphic creatures are the loyal followers that help heroes in their mission tackling the bad guys.

Just like any good adventure, the villain has a powerful army along with minions to do his dirty work while the hero has to begin from the scratch so if you are a beginner you need to read the ESO Guides that contains many important details about how the game is to be played by conquering the different levels with your expertise.

There are a total 50 levels that get increasingly complex as the game progresses in the fictional continent of Tamriel where each character has its own speed limit so you need to increase it a lot.

There are going to be mind numbing puzzles designed to distract you but don’t waste time on them and focus on building a military strategy that will increase your self confidence.

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