Comprehensive Pokemon Go Guide

Pokemon Go is taking over the world, and it’s got people looking for the best Pokemon Go guide and Pokemon go accounts for sale. The addictive gameplay is a huge reason why Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game of all time, but the documentation is a bit lacking. If you are looking for the Pokemon Go guide to help you level up and master the local gyms, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are a Pokemon Go beginner or looking to gain an edge this Pokemon Go guide will help. From start to finish of your Pokemon Go trainer career, you can refer to this guide to become a Pokemon master.

Pokemon Go guide sections

  • Pokemon Avatar
  • How To Level Up
  • How To Catch Pokemon
  • Tools of the Trade
  • How To Train Pokemon
  • Pokemon Go Gyms
  • How to Battle in Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Avatar

This is otherwise known as your character or the player. This character is customizable when you first start playing Pokemon Go. Once you have named your character, you are ready to begin your journey towards becoming a Pokemon master.

Your character is somewhat of a departure from traditional Pokemon games. Whereas previous titles focused on leveling up the Pokemon themselves, Pokemon Go takes on more of a role-playing aspect.

This means that leveling up your character is important if you want to play Pokemon Go. Your character level determines how much you can improve your Pokemon. It also gives you more access to Pokemon that are more rare and powerful. Once you level up high enough in Pokemon Go, there are also tools that are unlocked.

Some of these items can help you catch Pokemon or attract them. Pokemon Go items like the Razz Berry or Lure are used to catch more Pokemon.

How To Level Up 

There are more than a few ways to level up your Pokemon Go character. Of course, the easiest way to level up in Pokemon Go is to capture Pokemon. Most Pokemon will give you 100 experience points and accomplishing other tasks will also reap experience as well.

Some of these ways are listed below. These actions help you level up which is a huge part of our Pokemon Go guide. Don’t get this confused with leveling up your Pokemon, which is a section we’ll get to later.

Find a New Pokemon 

Your Pokedex is a catalog of all the Pokemon you’ve discovered. When you discover a new one, you’ll gain 500 XP. The best way to discover Pokemon is to track them, which is an important Pokemon Go skill.

What is the Pokedex 

Your virtual index of Pokemon that you’ve discovered. You can see what’s in your Pokedex by tapping the center Powerball icon in the middle of the screen. From the Pokemon Go Pokedex, you can read about your Pokemon and the evolutionary chain that goes into it. Of course, if you want a Pokemon Go guide on how to evolve your Pokemon, check here.

Hatching an egg 

There are different levels of reward for hatching Pokemon Go eggs. When you hatch a 2km egg, you gain 200 experience. For a 5km egg, you gain 500 experience and the 10km egg gets you 1,000.

Evolve a Pokemon 

Taking your Pokemon to the next level is part of playing Pokemon Go. Evolving Pokemon requires the use of candy that’s specific for each type of Pokemon you want to evolve. If you are looking for guides on how to evolve your Pokemon, check here.

When you evolve a Pokemon, you gain 500 experience. It’s an excellent way to level up your Pokemon Go character.

Visiting a Pokestop 

When you are walking around in your minimap view, you will notice these blue icons. These are known as Pokestops, and you gain items and experience by visiting them. Depending on the location, you stand to gain 50 or 100 experience points.

There are many ways to find Pokestops and to get the best items out of them. We will cover these later in our Pokemon Go guide.

Catch a Pokemon 

The easiest way to level up when you’ve finally tracked down a Pokemon to catch. There are varying degrees of reward when you catch Pokemon. These will depend largely on the grade of the capture, from “Nice” to “Great” and “Excellent” you stand to gain 10, 50, and 100 experience respectively.

Training at a Pokemon Go Gym

Probably the biggest part of becoming a Pokemon master is learning how to battle. Train your Pokemon and battle for supremacy at the Pokemon gym in your area. Check out our section on Pokemon gyms later in this Pokemon Go guide.

How To Catch Pokemon

The biggest aspect of Pokemon Go is of course catching Pokemon. Although it’s easy in concept to catch Pokemon, the reality is it’s not always so easy especially for more powerful Pokemon. Using this Pokemon Go guide however you can gain the upper hand to catch the hardest Pokemon out there.

Once you begin walking around in your mini-map view, you’ll notice icons in the lower right-hand corner. This is a report of the Pokemon in your area and how far they are from your location. You can reference this listing to track down your Pokemon and catch the one you want.

Once you discover the Pokemon, you need to select him to go straight to capture mode. From this mode, you flick a Pokeball towards your target. You will need to take careful aim as you do have a finite amount of Pokeballs available. Once the Pokeball strikes the Pokemon, you’ll have your first Pokemon Go catch.

Determining Pokemon Strength 

Knowing how tough the Pokemon is can help you plan in advance. When you hold down on your Pokeball, a ring will appear around your target. Green rings mean that the Pokemon is fairly easy to catch, while Pokemon with red rings means it’s hard to capture.


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