Choosing A Roofing Contractor – What To Look For

When you opt for roof restoration Melbourne, or when you’re building a new house, choosing the correct roofing contractor can cause a lot of stress. Have they worked with my chosen roofing material? Will they do a good job? What happens if they mess up?

These are all questions that you’ll likely ask yourself again and again. But deciding on a contractor doesn’t have to be hard. By following this simple guide you can ensure you get the best people for the job the first time with minimal hassle.

Look For Referrals

Ask your friends and family who they went to and how their experience was. Google search local companies. In no time you will likely have dozens of contractors and reviews about them. Take all reviews with a grain of salt though; not everyone is always going to have an excellent experience. If you’ve found a contractor that you believe may be worth looking into, move onto the next step.

Call The Company

The best way to determine if the contractor is right for you is to call them and have a chat. You’ll not only get a feel for the person you’ll potentially work with, but you’ll begin to understand some of their qualifications and skills. Ask them questions about what roofing material they specialize in if any, and how many years they have worked with it. Ask about the other workers, what training they’ve been provided. Ask about their safety measures. If all goes well, ask for someone to come out and give you a quote for the house. They should do this free of charge.

Check Their Qualifications

The most important factor to check is whether or not the contractor is even licensed. If they are not, move on. It’s not worth the gamble. Then, see how long they have had an established business. If the business has been around for a long time, it is very likely they know what they’re doing. They are far more likely to complete their contract with you. Ask if they have insurance and worker’s compensation. Learn exactly how much they cover so you are sure that if something were to go wrong on your site, it wouldn’t fall on you to pay the damages.

Past Performance

How long a company has been around isn’t the only defining factor on whether they are good at their job. Someone who has been around for only a year may have a perfect track record, and a company that has been around for generations may only just be scraping by with apologies. However, it is nearly always best to choose a company with experience and knowledge, and the main contractor who has a good reputation. Regardless, ask to see pictures of recent works and references from past customers. You can get this from their website, from visiting them in person, or if possible, from calling previous customers and asking for a personal opinion.

It is important to know as much about your roofing contractor as possible before signing an agreement. The cost of a roof is very high and as such the decision must not be taken lightly. As long as you do your research and choose a reputable company with an impressive history, your experience should be excellent and hassle-free.



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