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Aggregate concrete is used to design and give finishing to the home decors and other places to make them more beautiful. If you have seen some of the tourist places, then you have seen that there are some beautiful stones and pebbles on the ground and the walls which are giving them a fantastic look. The stamped concrete is used in making textured tiles, stones, woods, etc. The tiles used in the garden and outside our house is a perfect example of stamped concrete. Some factors differentiate the stamped concrete and aggregate concrete; let’s discuss them.


If we talk about the affordability of both, then exposed concrete is less expensive than the sampled. Both of the materials are good in durability and don’t need maintenance for a long time. These things not only save time but also save the money of a person. Besides all these things, the materials’ price also depends on the size, location, appearance, design and type.


The durability of both of the materials is very good, and both of them last long. Durability also depends on the place where it is pasted, like if it is on the road, then it will be difficult for it to last long. The aggregate is more used in the locations where you have to make them more attractive, which means you need a little maintenance of it.


If we talk about both the materials’ looks, then we all know that exposed concrete looks more attractive, and the things made from it are more attractive and are used at tourist places. Sampled concrete is mainly used to make durable and for the places where there is so much crowd as it is more durable and strong.


We conclude that both of the materials are best at their place. Some of the factors are there, which differentiates them. Those factors are discussed above.  

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