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When a person is learning the SEO, then the very first hurdle they encounter is the types of SEO. When you look at the SEO types, then there are two types of SEO done for a website’s growth.

The first ne is the on-page, and the other is the off-page SEO. They look simple, but when a person starts learning them, then with every step, they keep getting more and more difficult.

That is why to learn SEO; one should always hire an Auckland SEO expert.  Some of the primary things that you will learn from them are below.

On-Page SEO

  • The first element of the on-page SEO is the formatting of the website. It is duly checked that how you frame your website. Based on this, the user-experience is decided, which is the main decider of the website’s ranking.
  • The next element of the on-page SEO is the content and the keyword. There is a set of keywords that is important to be inserted to attract the right audience. That is why content is formed, and according to that content, a keyword is inserted correctly on the website.

Off-page SEO 

  • The task to be done on the off-page SEO is the backlink formation. In this, a website will take other websites’ help and publish a blog on their website having the link to their website. There are many aspects to be checked, like the domain authority and the number of backlinks on that website already.

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