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There are a variety of theories about whether or not two people in a relationship should live together before getting married. Many people are motivated by their religious beliefs when it comes to whether this is acceptable but I would like to take a practical approach to making this decision and explore the impact to the current relationship and future of the relationship.

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I have a couple of friends who had very different feelings about moving in with their girlfriends while they were dating. One of these friends was living in Los Angeles and had been dating his girlfriend for about 2 years. Both of their leases were coming due at a similar time and they discussed the possibility of moving in together. Los Angeles is an expensive place to live and neither of them had particularly large incomes, so the financial benefit was certainly a factor. However, the financial impact may have had a stronger impact for him than it did for her. I can’t help but wonder if he was more focused on a the financial impact while she was focused on moving in together as the next step of their relationship before marriage. They found a one bedroom apartment in Marina Del Rey and decided to go for it. The new apartment was a nicer place in a nicer area for both of them and they were paying less in rent.

This arrangement went well for two years as they got along well and had compatible living styles. However, as time wore on, my friend didn’t seem to get any closer to taking the next step with a proposal and this seemed to wear on his girlfriend. Due to the lack of advancement in the relationship, he moved out after two years and her sister who traveled a lot for work moved in to share the apartment. It was obviously a very difficult time for both of them when he moved out and while he was interested in continuing to date, she put an end to the relationship. Now you could argue that this experience wasn’t a bad thing as they both enjoyed living together for much of the two years and they got to enjoy a nicer place. However, the difficulty and disappoint when it ended was certainly much more sever.

Another friend of mine in Seattle had dated a girl for a couple of years and decided he was ready to propose to his girlfriend. They both lived in the same city while they were dating and when they got engaged but they believed they should wait until they were married to live together. He had to move for work about 8 months before the wedding so they had to adjust to a long distance relationship. This proved to be a lot to handle, especially considering the critical stage of their relationship, and they broke off the engagement. After a few months, they did end up reconciling and decided to put the marriage plans on hold for a while. She ended up moving to Seattle and they did move in together while they were dating again.

Personally, through my own experiences and observing the experiences of some of my friends, I think it is a good thing to move in with a girlfriend, but only if you are fairly certain that you will propose to her. You will never know someone the way you do when you live with them in any other way and I believe its good to fully understand the commitment you are making when you propose to someone. Living with them gives you a much clearer picture of what your life together will be like. However, if you are dating a woman and you are not sure where the relationship will go, even if it is a serious relationship, you should probably avoid living together. Also, while its tempting to think about the financial benefits of living together, this should not be considered when making the decision. The bottom line is that there is no right answer for everyone, but hopefully these stories will help others fully think through the consequences and impact of living with a girlfriend before getting married.

Relationship sites have made it easy for millions of their users to meet other people, land dates, and eventually find long-term relationships. However, the reality is that there are dangers lurking around cyberspace, and users of dating and relationship sites can be easy targets, especially when not careful. According to a 2011 study on online dating statistics posted on, 1 out of 10 users use these sites for scamming, while 1 out of 10 sex offenders use relationship sites to meet people. Don’t be a victim; if you use relationship sites or are thinking of joining one, here are tips on practicing online dating safety:

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  1. Don’t give out personal information

Remember that most of the stuff on the Internet is accessible to just about everyone, so be careful about the stuff that you share on the site. If you’re not comfortable sharing personal information with the person you share a seat with on the bus, then you wouldn’t want a stranger from 18,000 miles away to know delicate stuff about you. Don’t give your complete name, full address, your day-to-day routine, and especially not your Social Security details.

  1. Don’t be a bait for sexual offenders

It’s understandable that we want to make ourselves attractive to people that we can meet online. Sometimes, women post photos of themselves showing off their assets such as a hint of cleavage, or sometimes even more, without realizing that it can attract a bevy of perverts. While it can be easy to ignore messages, winks, and pokes from pervs, experienced sexual offenders do not expose their inclination online, but patiently wait for a face-to-face encounter. If a user behaves in a way you’re not comfortable with or asks you to do something that is against your will, use the site’s block feature or report the person to the site moderator.

  1. Beware of fraud

Online dating safety dictates that users be able to detect scammers from legitimate users. Some telltale signs are signing up under different usernames, claiming to always be “on the road”, and asking to use a messaging service outside of the site. Fraudsters often lure people with sweet talks about how they are each other’s destiny or how much chemistry there is between the two of them. This may be flattering, but do not fall for it. Most importantly, never give out your SS number, credit card/banking information, and your home address, even when the person says he/she is only going to send presents or flowers.

  1. Be wise offline

Once online chemistry has been gained, the next step is to finally meet in person. When deciding to meet face-to-face, remember that offline safety is just as important, or even more important than, online dating safety. Plan to meet in a neutral setting, in a public place and during daytime. Don’t go anywhere where it would only be the two of you and would create a venue for your date to make unwelcome advances. And don’t agree to go anywhere you would “have” to drink alcohol such as clubs as alcohol could lead you to make unwise judgment.

  1. Computer, password, and email security

Create a different email address for social networking sites as this must be different from your personal and work email. Do not put your name on your social networking email address. You should choose a good password so that you do not leave your account open for hacking and identity theft. A good password includes a combination of random words and numbers. If you access your online dating account on a public computer, make sure that you log out after the session and un-check the “keep me logged-in” box.

Romantic Things To Do On Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the opportunity for everyone to be romantic. Romance doesn’t come easy to some people, especially some men, so having a special day to celebrate romance is an opportunity not to be missed to show the number one person in your life just how special they are to you. And if you are still looking for a date on Valentine’s day then you do have the option of check out these Amsterdam Babes that will spend their valentine’s day with you. 

You do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive gifts – they mean nothing if they are not backed up by your personal touch of words and gestures. It is the little things that count the most – a gentle hug, a caring touch, a loving word – these small things speak volumes in showing just how much your partner means to you.

Here are some ideas of romantic things to do on Valentines Day:

  1. Go for a drive somewhere nice where you can go for a romantic stroll hand-in-hand. There are lots of lovely places you can visit in your area – you could have a stroll along the beach followed by a nice pub lunch or just a drink in a cozy pub with a real fire. Do a bit of research in advance to find a suitable place. If you are into walking, you could plan a scenic route in the countryside, with a nice place to stop for lunch, either for a picnic or at a pub. There are lots of parks around most areas which are usually pretty at most times of the year. In the UK, the first snowdrops are out which makes a lovely sight. I’m sure you know of other attractive places in your area. Take some bread to feed the ducks and just take pleasure in the simple things. Make sure you hold hands, cuddle up together, stop for a kiss now and again (whatever your age!) and laugh together.
  2. Go for a long drive with romantic music playing in the car. Stop at a picturesque location and produce a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. Obviously one of you will be driving, so you won’t both be able to drink, but pop the cork and pour a glass for your partner and look forward to sharing the rest when you get home. Feed the chocolates to each other seductively.
  3. If you are a long-term couple or already live together, book into a nice bed and breakfast or hotel and spend the night cuddled up together. When you wake up, present your partner with a romantic, personal, hand-written note wrapped inside a perfumed red envelope expressing how you feel about him/her. Order breakfast in bed if you can. You can do this at home if you can’t afford a night away and make breakfast to bring back to bed. Put a single red rose on the tray.
  4. Plan a slideshow. Dim the lights, open a bottle of champagne, and invite your partner to join you. Compile a collection of photos of the two of you over the years, (assuming you have been together for some time) onto a disc and watch them together, remembering what you were feeling at that moment and cherish your favorite moments together.
  5. Cuddle up together on the sofa and watch your favorite romantic movie of all time. You can relive your own romance through the fictional characters in the film.

Some suggestions are Love Story, Titanic, Romeo, and Juliet, When Harry Met Sally, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, Casablanca – I’m sure you can think of lots more.

  1. Agree to do something with your partner that you have never been keen to do before. Maybe he’s into fishing or she’s into dancing or whatever it is. The simple act of doing something together that you have never done together before can be enough to fire up the essence of love and romance between you.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you show that you care and have fun. Laughter is the greatest aphrodisiac – if you can laugh with each other and at each other, that is the best way to keep your love alive and sparkling.

Use your own imagination to think of other romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day. Let me know what you come up with.

Looking through the world wide web for someone is as difficult as it looks. Although engineering has really created the dating landscape more reachable and trouble-free, in snagging your ideal mate nevertheless the the guidelines and constraints use. The same as the original dating situation, you nevertheless must place your very best foot forward and create a first impression that is good. Below are a few on line dating methods and tips will be able to help you ease your path to the internet dating picture. First you should join more than 1 dating site. I can recommend you a few. If you are interested in Arabs, you should go to arab singles website or you can go to iranian women website. You can also visit Almanya evlilik sitesi which is a marriage site for Turks who live abroad. You should also go to muslim marriage website.

Follow the dating regulations and rules to the website which you’re engaging in. You can find different kinds of dating and match-making sites thus be sure that you study the the guidelines for each one of these carefully. Keep in mind the security on line dating suggestions. Don’t hand out TMI including your complete address or your telephone number or cellular number away. Before achieving up, be sure the man revealed you or you’re meeting has delivered you a current picture. Do first days in a public space and if feasible, don’t allow see your face drive you home or choose up you.

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Build an account which is equally appealing though unobtrusive. Your own profile is among the key causes somebody might sent a note to you by means of a dating support. About the best way to develop your account, internet dating tips are easily accessible and available by anybody. Prevent problems and stay to silver lining of your lifetime and the nice. You would like your possibility companion to find out the best-in you worse. Generate little information on passions and your personality however don’t make turning claims. Make your own profile as intriguing as you can.

Your image can also be a major variable that can bring possibility associates to you personally. Yet another one of the finest internet dating tricks is in having an excellent picture shot, to take a position. Wear clothes that compliment physique and your colour. Decide on a background that can allow you to stand out. Be sure that your makeup or hair as well as the light is done well. Your appearance also in pictures is not as unimportant as your characteristics you’ve suggested in your own profile. Constantly present a current picture in your dating users off.

Learn etiquette and powerful communication practices. Customize your replies to people that request about you or deliver an email revealing their curiosity to you. Don’t just speak about your-self but additionally ask searching questions which will get that man believe you’re not bore at the same time. Constantly exercise politeness also in phrases.

Prevent “disappearing” when you’re experiencing an individual talk to a man. Then say-so nicely, in case you really must go or cut the conversation short. Additionally prevent laying however little they might appear. You wouldn’t need a relationship to be constructed on something maybe not actual if you’re seriously interested in it.

You are going to begin getting emails from enthusiastic possibilities after finishing your account that is resistless. They are going to be seeking the opportunity to fulfill in the course of time and you’ll need return to the actual and to leave the on the web dating tricks behind for a while dating picture. Therefore polish your account and prepare to go once again away.

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