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The Key To Success For Bitcoin Seeking Alpha

The first reaction your author had when Bitcoin was announced back in 2009, “Wow, they finally managed to turn money into a P2P system.”

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While skeptics remain skeptical on the outlook of Bitcoin, there are merits to the core idea of Bitcoin. The idea that a unit of measurement to be recognized as a global currency is not an old idea.

The Main Differences Between Bitcoin versus Traditional Paper

Bitcoin unlike their traditional counterparts, had no prior protection or regulation by local governments. As such, Bitcoin is subject to large volatility changes whenever announcements are made. Developed nations announcing an outright ban on Bitcoin affects its market value. Traditional paper, however, are tuned to regulation from local authorities.

Bitcoin exists as data, in the hard drives of devices. Traditional paper exists as paper. The idea of encrypting money is not new; most developed nations provide online banking for moving of funds across institutions. However, strict rules and infrastructure are built upon such platforms to ensure adherence to the nation’s rules.

An important question, what are the keys to success of a currency?

Many articles have taken stands on either being an optimist or a pessimist. Most, however, do not address the fundamental cornerstone of ensuring success in currency.


Ben Bernanke was probably amongst the best to understand the continued success of the USD through the phrase, “In FED we trust.” Several people have made comments that Bitcoin is based off a “faith based” type of currency. They are forgetting that traditional paper itself is based on the exact same cornerstone. It has been proven in past years, despite regulatory actions, that traditional paper is subject to fluctuations and speculation. We have been through it. The Eurozone, The Russian Rubble collapse, the Thai devaluation. The current fluctuations on Bitcoin is simply a natural characteristic of a currency. Currency on steroids, that is. Traditional paper, while going through similar fluctuations, do so in bursts; not daily.

While the lack of regulation paves way to speculation and illegal uses, there exists a possibility of success in this idea. In order for it to work as a currency, Bitcoin needs, in the eyes of the user be able to deliver the following keys;

  1. Trust
  2. Big user base
  3. Recognition

First, it needs to be recognized by several key nations in today’s developed world. Countries include mega economies, the USA, Japan, China, UK and Europe.

Second, the platform must deliver a high growth rate on user base. In your author’s past article, he argued that a social media company’s value is based off actively engaged users. Bitcoin has similarities as a “social wave” currency. In order for Bitcoin to realize its full potential, the number of users which accept, exchange and receive has to be as large as leading social media networks today.

Last, trust. There is no building block when there is a lack of trust. This includes traditional paper. The madness of the crowds has been observed when the trust of the Euro, Yen and USD was faltering. Bitcoin’s trust factor is no exception, it has and will continue to be a big issue which participants must address in order for Bitcoin to succeed.

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Tips To Buy Monero

Monero is now the anonymity-oriented digital currency of choice, whose market emblem is XMR. Since its launch in 2014, it’s slowly but definitely improved to become one of the primary cryptocurrencies now in existence. Its developers and community have largely focused on optimizing it’s codebase to ensure a high degree of privacy. Because of this, they’ve paid very little attention to decorative elements. Yet all along, many pundits have enthusiastically shown a high regard for this. By securing the confidence of those individuals through its impressive merits, Monero has gradually gained a good reputation for dependability.

Bitcoin utilization can flow sufficient info to connect an individual with a particular address. Similarly, tracking down their trades is also possible. While it doesn’t yet offer complete anonymity, this cryptocurrencys default privacy level is well beyond what could be achieved with its competitors. This has made it a sensible alternative for all manner of Darknet trading, in addition to other privacy-oriented utilizations.

Like it had been previously mentioned, this cryptocurrencys main advantage is easing for unparalleled user anonymity. It incorporates a range of highly complex and sophisticated cryptographic procedures, which enable it to cause an exceptional amount of privacy. Let us now have a look at these techniques.

Despite the enormous success of Bitcoin, crypto money still isn’t seen with respect as people are still suspicious of the transactions that take place as they are well aware of Ponzi schemes that are designed to loot people and while the bitcoin storm bonus has provided strict guidelines on the purchase and use of Bitcoins, the fact that it costs a fortune makes people wary of trying it out.

Stealth Address re-usage is among the most rampant privacy concerns that lots of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, routinely deal with. When you receive many payments through one address, anyone who understands this speech can easily monitor its equilibrium together with its incoming and outgoing transactions.

Even worse, different addresses on your wallet is readily connected due to the amount of cryptocurrencies deal with change. All destination addresses are obscured in its blockchain to allow only the sender and receiver identify them. Any analysis executed on its own blockchain won’t ever disclose the specific destination address you use to receive funds. Instead, only a cryptographic hash of the destination address that’s different to all trades will be observable. The sender and receiver are the only ones that can decode this hash to unveil the true destination address. These obscured addresses are known as stealth addresses.

When you send XMR to some specific address, it’ll be delivered in many discrete payment units. As an example, should you ship 18 XMR, it’ll be delivered in whole number amounts of 10, 3 and 5 XMR. All of these units will be individually recorded on the blockchain as having been moved to its own identifying stealth address.

This makes it extremely tough to efficiently track down specific payment amounts with this cryptocurrencys blockchain.

Potential Downsides 

The aforementioned privacy-enhancing techniques are exorbitant in the context of the data requirements. Additionally, this digital currency’s block-size keeps rising with its own demand. This means it uses more system resources than most of its competitors, a circumstance that may prove to be a possible important hurdle for its achievement in the near future.

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