Are There Any Cons To Self Defense Weapons?

There are so many types of defense weapons. The best ones are on the website of guardian self defense. Yes, there are many types, but is it always safe to use them? Everything has some limitations clung to it.

Here, let’s check out the pros first.

  • The first thing is that they are the best for any uncertain situations, and there is no help around.
  • There is no need to learn to use these gadgets. Some of them are so simple and more effective too.
  • They are easy to carry and can help in creating a safer environment for the family.
  • It can really help in staying confident and staying away from any type of danger.
  • Most of them are non-lethal, so they will not cause harm the other person a lot. Because sometimes, such a thing can come upon the user too.

Cons of using defense weapons:

  • Unless the weapon is close, it is hard to reach such things. People tend to keep all these things hidden from other people because that can get really awkward. So when the time comes, it can be hard to find it, let alone use it.
  • Weapons such as stun guns and tasers can bring a lot of problems too. In some countries, it is illegal to arm yourself, so this can damage the user, too, even if it was for self-defense.
  • Some of these things can backfire on the user too. The attacker can tackle the user and use it as a defense too, so it would come upon the wrong person at the end.

Even if there are some cons to this, they are really necessary if they don’t know any defense technique. Having these will give a greater sense of confidence and keep the fear away.


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