7 Reasons Why You Must Use BufferApp to Manage Social Media

Buffer is by far my favorite social management tool that I came across on https://www.smm-world.com/buy-instagram-views. Buffer is the first social sharing tool that I started using. I have been using a buffer for over a year now & I can say it’s one of the simplest & easiest social media management tools you may find. I just love it!

For some time I have been thinking of writing a blog post on why a Buffer is an excellent tool for managing social media, as I believe, a lot of people (In India) are still not aware of or using this tool to manage their social media profiles.

Here are 7 Main Reasons Why I love Buffer!

Buffer interface is quite simple & clean, probably the simplest among all. Unlike other tools, where you have to juggle between the different streams or dashboards, Buffer gives you a much simpler & less cluttered dashboard to work on. So you don’t have to spend days to understand & learn the interface. Right in the first look, and a couple of clicks, you will get most of its features.

On buffer, all you need is to click ‘What do you want to share?’ select the social network you want to share on and hit ‘Share Now’. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Unlike other tools, where you have to make several clicks to finally share your posts, buffer makes it all easy in just three simple steps!

Another good thing about Buffer is that it supports all your favorite social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & GooglePlus as well as Apps. Facebook profiles & pages are supported; LinkedIn profiles, pages, as well as groups are supported. Recently, Buffer introduced GooglePlus pages integration, making it even more useful.

Another reason why I love Buffer is that it allows automatic link shortening. As you paste a link or URL in the post, it automatically shortens it using buff.ly or bit.ly making it so easy & convenient to share. So you don’t have to waste time on shortening links manually, then copying & pasting them in the post before sharing it on different social networks. Buffer takes care of all this work for you.

Buffer not only shortens the URLs but also tracks them. So it tells you how many clicks, retweets, or Favorites, mentions your tweet got. It will also tell you the potential reach of your Tweet. For Facebook posts, it tells you how many clicks or comments your post got. Similarly, you will get the statistics for other social networks.

Social media marketing is not one man’s game. There are several other people who are also involved. Buffer allows more than one person to work on the same account. In the free plan, you can invite one team member, while Go Awesome plan allows you to add 2 team members. In the buffer for business plans, you can add up to 25 team members to manage your social media profiles.

This one is my favorite. There are a number of apps or extensions are available to make using buffer super-easy for you. Buffer extensions are available for browsers like Chrome & Firefox.

These extensions will do simple yet excellent tricks. For example, you can buffer any text or picture directly from a website by highlighting the text or clicking ‘right’ on the image.

There are plenty of other exciting Apps, Extensions & Extras available that make using Buffer quite interesting!

You can not only share post updates using Buffer dashboard but also directly from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or others as shown below:

Another excellent Buffer trick, that I use most of the time, is that you can Retweet directly from Twitter on the web or from a number of Twitter clients including Tweetcaster on Mobile. How cool is that!

Scheduling posts & tweets are one of the main requirements of any social media management tool. So how could buffer miss out on that? Buffer allows you to schedule posts easily at any custom time you want. All you need if to click the ‘clock’ button; select the day when you want the post to go, & then hit ‘Buffer’. You can adjust the posting time, by going to the ‘Schedule’ menu.

I hope the reasons I mentioned above are enough for you to give buffer a try! I am sure I have still not covered all the features, as Buffer has plenty of them. Also, new features are introduced from time to time making it even better & more useful as a social media management tool.


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